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Golden Arches Looking for Golden Smiles



    Do I Need a New Mattress?
    McDonald's is looking to hire 50,000 new employees nationally.

    Looking for a job? McDonald's is hiring.

    Most people wouldn't think to look to the Golden Arches for a career but Ronald McDonald plans to put on his fanciest clown shoes April 19 in an effort to add 50,000 new smiling faces to the company.

    Locally McDonald's wants to hire 2,000 new full and part-time employees across the Bay Area and Northern California. There are 254 McDonald's across the Bay Area.

    While the salary and benefits can range at McDonald's, according to a spokesman, nationally some fry cooks make $8.40 an hour, while some shift managers make $9.34 an hour.

    That works out to an annual salary ranging from $17,472 to $19,427.20. Of course there are higher and lower positions and many people choose to work part time.

    That of course doesn't compare to the average starting salary of an investment banker but with the state unemployment rate still at 12 percent, some people are in dire need of a job.

    The company also offers employees who choose it the opportunity to train and start a long-term career at McDonald's.

    Business has also been good at McDonald's in some segments. A plan to diversify its menu and an attempt to cut into Starbucks' market has proven wise for McDonald's.

    A recent survey found that chain coffee drinkers are more loyal to McDonald's over any other chain coffee store, including Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts.

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