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Celebrating the elegant engineering of the Bay's iconic span.

The Golden Gate Bridge Celebrates 75 Well-Traveled Years

Years of facts, figures and stats on one of the world's most beloved icons.



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    The Golden Gate Bridge celebrated its 75th anniversary last week.

    One of our country's most recognized landmarks — the glowing, orange Golden Gate Bridge — is celebrating an incredible 75 years in service. Considered an engineering marvel when it was completed in 1937 it was the longest suspension bridge of its day at 1.7 miles. It has carried over 2 billion cars.

    While many bridges have since been built the Golden Gate Bridge, many of them have had the advantage of using modern technology — computers and machinery that just wasn't around in 1937. When you throw in the fact that the bridge had to be built strong enough to withstand earthquakes, high winds and high traffic, the achievement of designer Joseph Strauss and the hundreds of men who worked to make the bridge reality is astounding.

    There is such a long list of facts about the Golden Gate Bridge it could take pages to write about them. Here are two of my favorites before you dig in to the infographic below.

    The Golden Gate Bridge is painted "international orange" and is constantly being painted. Painting of the bridge is considered the primary maintenance task as the special zinc based primer and acrylic top-coat protect from the harsh salty spray of the Bay.

    The "Halfway to Hell Club" associated with the Bridge is the name given to the 19 men who fell off during construction, and were saved by the safety net rigged under the floor of the Bridge from end to end.

    Now go enjoy some other facts about the Bridge — share some of your own if you've got them!

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    Credit: R. Toro/LiveScience

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