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The Most Expensive Parking Ticket in San Francisco

Getting caught doing this will earn you the most expensive parking ticket in San Francisco.



    The Most Expensive Parking Ticket in San Francisco
    If you don't have $935 to spare, there is one risk you shouldn't take.

    What is the Most Expensive SF Parking Citation?

    A) Parking in a bus zone

    B) Parking on City Hall Steps

    C) Misuse of a disabled placard

    D) Parking on railroad tracks

    E) Driving through and parking on a parade route

    F) Parking in a crosswalk

    The Answer is C: Misuse (which includes "borrowing") of a disabled placard or plate; using a counterfeit, altered, or forged placard or plate; using a lost, stolen, or expired disabled placard or plate is the most expensive parking citation that you can receive, and will cost you $935. Parking in a blue zone, or the cross hatched area adjacent to a blue zone without a placard or plate will also cost you $935.

    There were close to 700 illegal disabled placards confiscated in the first 3 months of the implementation of a program using parking control squads and sting operations specifically designed to monitor and investigate the abuse and misuse of disabled placards.  Not only is the fine a big one, but the misuse of a placard will cost you quite a few Karma points as well.  If you are disabled, if you know someone who is disabled, or have been disabled, then you know that a simple trip to the grocery store can be a major event.  Also, remember that not all disabilities are visible, or in any way noticeable, so think twice before you confront someone who appears to be misusing a placard.

    Also, please note, narcissism does not qualify as a disability.

    A) While parking in a bus zone is ridiculously inconsiderate, can quickly cause a snarl of traffic lasting for hours, and will most certainly cost you some karma points, it is your God given right to break this law. However it will cost you $255 (plus towing fees of $392.75 + $61.75 per day + a possible obstruction of traffic fine).

    B) Funnily enough, the fine for this offense is less expensive than a $65 expired meter violation. The DPT citation would be for parking on public property is $55.  But, you would be wise to conduct your City Hall business quickly, your car most certainly will be towed and impounded in a flash, and it is quite probable to expect to be given a sobriety test.

    D) While parking on the RR tracks is perhaps the absolute worst place one could possibly park, people have done it, and that's why there had to be a law made to let people know that isn't one of the best decisions that they ever made.  While parking on RR tracks (even "just a little bit") could cost you and/or others their lives, this ticket will only cost you $80 (plus possible towing fees of $392.75 + $61.75 per day...oh and plus the complete destruction of your vehicle).

    E) While it seems like driving through and parking in a parade route should carry a pretty hefty fine, the citation actually is only $50.  However, driving through a police barricade, and obstructing traffic carries the possibility of jail time, and I'm sure that there are some homeland security laws that you can expected to deal with.

    F) I never understood how people could totally park in a crosswalk thinking that it's okay.  And, what really confuses me is the people who think that parking diagonally in an intersection and blocking two crosswalks is even a better idea.  The fine is $90 for this violation, but I checked with DPT, and the people that block both intersections...get 2 tickets.

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