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The New York Times Officially Lands in San Francisco

National newspaper moves into the San Francisco's Chronicle's neighborhood



    The New York Times ad for the Mission.

    Nine counties, eight bridges, seven million people and dozens of ads across the City.

    The New York Times invasion of the Bay Area is official. The Times launched a San Francisco edition of its paper last Friday, with expanded local coverage that also will begin to appear on Sundays.

    And while The Wall Street Journal plans a similar encouragement on the San Francisco Chronicle's turf, the Times began marking its territory this week with ads across San Francisco BART stations, according to Mission Mission. For the record the ever-shrinking Chronicle says it is not threatened by the competition despite reports Monday the paper's circulation was down.

    "New sorta bay area centric nyt ads in the Bart," a reader wrote into the blog. There were a bunch, that said “& Guggenheim, & d’orsay, & Avignon, & obama.” 

    No the folks at the Times didn't forget what cost they were on. They also ran an ad that read "& The Mission" with an attempt at a neighborhood appropriate mural.

    The Times will run expanded Bay Area coverage every Friday and Sunday and the paper also maintains a local Bay Area blog.