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Graffiti's Price Tag



    Graffiti's Price Tag
    Cheryl Hurd

    Image is everything, especially for a financially struggling city like Vallejo.

    The executive director of a non-profit that goes after taggers says graffiti can ruin that image.

    "Graffiti to me is a major problem because it deals with the image of your city," Tony Pearsall said.

    Fighting Back Partnership has been in existence for 20 years.  Pearsall has been working hard for the past two years to get rid of tagging.

    "If you have a neighborhood with a small problem, a window broken or graffiti painted on a small area and if you don't fix that window it can become a big problem," Pearsall said.

    It's a big problem for Vallejo because the bankrupt city is more worried about the number of police on the street, rather than the graffiti on public and private property.

    Fighting Back receiving a $20,000 grant from the state to help volunteers get rid of graffiti.

    A tagger painted a mural of slain rapper Mac Dre on a water tower in Vallejo.  City officials say they have to remove it because the paint is damaging the infrastructure.

    That is money the city of Vallejo doesn't have.