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The Secret of Twitter's New Logo: It's Batman

San Francsico-based startup gets mocked just days after a new release.



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    Twitter's new logo really leads an exciting double life as a crime fighter -- not really.

    Twitter recently changed it's logo from a blue bird to a slightly different blue bird.

    Or something.

    That doesn't really matter. You know what does? The dark, dark secret that Twitter's innocuous little bird is hiding. This is the reason it drinks all day, throws lavish parties and acts a fool. This is the reason our streets are safe at night.

    Get a mouthful of gravel, don your darkest cowl and say it with me: Twitter. Is. Batman.

    At least, that's what it looks like when you turn the logo upside down. (And toss a little color in there.)

    This new new Twitter logo and fun little piece of geekery is the work of Josh Helfferich, who describes himself on Twitter as an "impossibly handsome music video director."

    Josh Helfferich, via LikeCool

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