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This Pug's For You



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    As we think of ways to mark Earth Day, you will notice a recycling bin full of green stories flooding newspapers, Web sites and television newscasts.

    Here's one that scores high on the cute meter. It comes via YouTube and stars a 2-year-old pug named Puglet, who lives in San Francisco, and proves it is easy to be green.  The video proves you don't need fingers and toes to recycle.

    Puglet sorts his recyclables, rides public transportation and shops for energy-efficeint light bulbs at Home Depot. Puglet's "human," Amanda Bradshaw, is a dog photographer. She told told us she made the video as part of Puglet's campaign to help recycle dogs.

    "First it started out just as recycling." Bradshaw said. "He got that so fast that it  turned into a whole big long three-minute video just to prove how easy green can be."  

    Puglet has done several still pictures and he's very food motivated, so picking up on the commands for the video was a snap.

    Puglet is recycled himself. Bradshaw is his second owner.

    All of it was shot in the Bay Area, even the cow scene which was just north of Berkeley.

    Dog lovers are guaranteed a smile by the end of the 2:47 clip.

    Lori Preuitt knows how much patience this video would take to produce no matter how talented  the pug.