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This Year's Snowpack is Best in Years



    This Year's Snowpack is Best in Years
    A viewer submitted this photo of the snow in Cuyamaca.

    All this wet weather has its advantages: when we get to the dry season, we'll have plenty to drink.

    Scientists who monitor water have found that the snowpack in the Sierra's is way above average for this time of year, according to the CC Times. That's welcome news, especially for Silicon Valley where rain has been slightly below average.

    In fact, in some places, creeks have burst their boundaries near Santa Cruz. In other areas, flowers have started blooming early thanks to a surplus of moisture.

    That's because this year's snowfall has been different from past years. Higher in moisture, the snow at the higher elevations builds up faster, gets heavier, and is far more dense.

    And we're still not out of the rainy season. The downpour is expected to continue all week and into the weekend, then continuing into next week.

    But even with the above-average water supply, Californians may still have to ration their water like in past years. Current estimates suggest that one third of the water requested by towns around the state will be denied due to shortages. That's an improvement over the one-half that was denied last year, but more evidence that we still have room for improvement when it comes to water conservation.