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Thrifty Commuters Commit Dangerous Move Before Bay Bridge

A delaying tactic to save two dollars could cost motorists a $200 ticket.



    The Bay Bridge Toll Plaza. Photo: K.Nielsen Photography on Flickr

    Drivers seeking to save a dollar risk serious accidents and injury -- and a hefty fine from the California Highway Patrol, according to reports.

    Bay Bridge commuters approaching the toll plaza near the 10 a.m. hour often pull over to the side or slow down to a crawl, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. They're not taking a pre-bridge rest -- they're trying to delay their arrival until the clock strikes ten and the toll drops from $6 to $4, the newspaper reported.

    The Bay Bridge has variable pricing, with $6 fares for the rush hour when most cars are on the road, to $4 midday. "Normal fare" is $5.

    Pulling over to the side of the road in front of the bridge is punishable by a $200 fine, the newspaper reported -- and CHP officers warn that they are serious about ticketing the skinflint offense.