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Tiny Find Could Have Killed This Kitty

BB found lodged in kitten's jaw



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    Sonoma Humane Society
    This little kitty is nicknamed Xena and she's tougher than a BB.

    Most animal shelters are being flooded with cats and kittens right now. So many of them in fact, shelter workers can barely keep track. But at the Sonoma Humane Society this week, one little kitty stood out. 

    Workers were shocked to find the 7-month-old cat had a BB pellet lodged in her jaw.

    Someone found the kitten wandering in a Safeway parking lot and brought her to the shelter.

    The staff gave the kitty the name "Xena," in the spirit of the warrior princess. They say the feline has already proven she is tougher than nails and BBs.

    The piece of metal looks to have been lodged in there for a least a month.  Vets say Xena is pretty lucky -- she is not showing signs of infection.

    On Monday, Dr. Barbara Leach surgically removed the pellet.

    The 5-pound kitty is expected to make a full recovery.

    "Despite the trauma, this kitten was lucky." Veterinary Technician Dustin Kerwin said, "It could have been worse. It was less than an inch from her eye and nose, which would have caused more permanent damage or possible death."
    Xena should be ready for adoption in the next day or so.

    In the meantime, she has become a shelter favorite and is enjoying lots of love and affection from staff and volunteers.

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