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"Tips for Jesus" Tips Waiters Thousands, Visits San Francisco

Since September, Instagram user @tipsforjesus has been leaving tips ranging from $500 to $10,000 at restaurants across the country, and documenting their generosity through photos.



    "Tips for Jesus" Tips Waiters Thousands, Visits San Francisco
    Tips for Jesus Instagram page
    "Tips for Jesus" Instagram page

    If you've ever thought that waiting tables may be your calling, now may be a good chance to give restaurant work a whirl.

    A mystery do-gooder (or do-gooders?) seems to be traveling around the country and paying the wait staff hefty amounts to serve them.

    The anonymous patron or team of patrons claiming credit for the deeds has an Instagram account  and a Facebook page identifying him (or her or them) as "Tips for Jesus"  visited San Francisco on Nov. 19.

    A pair of tipsters left a $1,500 tip left on a $468 bill at  Harris' Steakhouse, at 2100 Van Ness Ave.

    General manager Michael Fiscus said two men left the large tip, and when a restaurant manager doubled-checked about the amount, the pair said it wasn't a mistake before taking off.

    "It seemed to be a moment of altruism," Fiscus said.

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    The tipster team has also visited Hollywood, Ogden, Utah, and the University of Notre Dame where "Jesus" showed an image of a bill where the waiter was tipped $5,000.

    The account launched in September, and had just 26 posts but more than 25,000 followers as of Wednesday -- the day after Giving Tuesday, a national initiative to encourage charity at the start of the holiday shopping season.

    Apparently, no one has revealed the true identity of the Christian-inspired tipsters. Even a request from Forbes magazine for an "anonymous interview" has gone unanswered on the user's Instagram's account.

    And while some may think it’s too good to be true, Tips for Jesus ensures that this is 100 percent real – even posting screen shots of their credit card statements, verifying that the charges are going through.


    Tips for Jesus has generated so much attention that servers from Georgia to Canada are turning to the Instagram page, and asking @tipsforjesus to visit their restaurant.

    "Feel free to come to Canaletto Ristorante Veneto in Newport Beach, CA anytime! ;)" @brooklynn______ wrote.

    Instagram user @tarsha29 asked Tips for Jesus "Can u please come across me in real life??"





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