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Car's Towing Leads to 'Terrorist' Tirade



    Car's Towing Leads to 'Terrorist' Tirade
    One cannot fight the law, nor can one fight the tow truck.

    Good reactions to having one's car towed do not include death threats to the tow truck operator combined with a pledge to burn the tow truck business to the ground -- unless a term in the criminal justice system is your end goal.

    The tirade earned Roy Schwartz, 55, of Larkspur, two counts of "terrorist threats" after his car was towed from private property near the Old Redwood Highway in Marin County on Tuesday, according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    Schwartz placed a telephone call to Andreoli Towing, the tow truck operators in question, that was so graphic and "specific in detail" that it was taken very seriously as a credible threat, according to police.

    Schwartz is in jail on $100,000 bail, and is expected to make his first court appeace today.