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Tired of BART Protests, Angry Commuters Fight Back



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    A BART passenger confronts a demonstrator during a protest on the platform at the Civic Center station on Aug. 22.

    Who will protest the protestors? Angry San Francisco Bay Area commuters tired of mask-wearing hackers ruining their rides home, that's who.

    At least one man, livid with Monday's Anonymous-organized protests at BART's Civic Center and Powell Street stations -- both of which closed several times throughout the evening -- attacked the demonstrators with fists. Other commuters were more than happy to voice their displeasure with the "hacktivist" group and everyone else interrupting their rides, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Yvette Delozada of Daly City had a "run-in" shouting match with some of the demonstrators, according to the newspaper. Jeanne Gavenda, 39, "happily" gave passing protestors the middle finger as they disrupted the Market Street bus she attempted to take home to the Panhandle. "The fact they're not even from here doesn't help win over support to their cause," she said.

    Monday's shutdown of BART service is the latest in a string of demonstrations against the transit agency since the July 3 shooting death of Charles Hill, a homeless man, at the hands of BART police officers who said Hill had a knife. Anonymous has become involved since BART shut down cell phone service on BART platforms on Aug. 11 in response to a planned protest that ultimately never materialized.

    Some 30-40 people had been arrested by the end of the demonstration, according to reports.