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Toddler Gives Dad's Truck the Finger

This is a terrible two story for the archives.



    Father Talks About Son's Rescue

    Little boy nearly lost his finger after slipping his arm in the hole of his father's pickup truck. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011)

    Little boys will do the darnest things. Case in point: a two-year-old from San Jose who got his arm stuck down a hole in the top of the bed of his dad's pickup truck this week. At the end of the hole was a second tiny hole, which the child stuck his finger in. That's when things got really complicated.

    It took a massive rescue effort by the San Jose fire department to save the child's finger, at the cost of his old man's truck.

    San Jose fire released a few pictures of the rescue that tell the story pretty well.

    Rescuers told the San Jose Mercury News that the boy's dad kept telling them, "Do whatever it takes. Do what you need to," as they cut apart the end of his truck.

    The firefighters said they could only do part of the job at the scene. They followed the ambulance carrying the little guy and a piece of metal around his hand to the emergency room where they continued to cut away the metal.

    In the end, the rescue was a complete success. The tiny finger was swollen, but saved. 
    A reunion between the family is set at the firehouse on Valentine's Day.