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"Toucher" On the Loose on SF's T-Third Line

A serial grabber is on the loose on San Francisco Municipal Railway's T-Third line.



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    "The Rule Of T-Thirds," courtesy Flickr user Plug 1

    Riders of San Francisco's public transportation lines have much on their minds. Add another item to the list of transit woes: someone is touching people on Muni's T-Third line. And they don't appreciate it.

    The man, branded a "creep" by some, is dubbed the "T-Third Toucher" by the San Francisco Appeal. The toucher, the online newspaper notes, is on the loose about a year after another transit-oriented socially-challenged individual, the "N-Judah Humper," chose that transit line for the scenes of his odd crimes.

    The T-Third Toucher's existence was first mentioned in Muni Diaries, the well-known San Francisco transit blog.

    The T-Third Toucher is a man, about six feet tall, who always sits in the two-person seats on the T-Third light rail cars, according to The Appeal. He always targets young women. His modus operandi is to pretend to reach for something in his pocket, but will instead use the opportunity to rub up against his seat mate, touching thigh or buttock in the process, according to reports.

    Police are not yet involved, but transit riders have taken to the interwebs to make the T-Third Toucher's identity and activities known. Share your brushes with creepy fate, and beware the bad touch.