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Tourist Trapped, Killed in San Francisco

Baton Rouge man shot dead after giving new "friend" a ride



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    Police say the tourists were just trying to give their new friend a ride home.

    The night started out like any other for tourists partying in a city known for its night life. But the end was anything but happy.

    Police say two men visiting from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and another man from the East Bay were dancing at City Nights in San Francisco Saturday night until closing. When it was time to go, the trio offered to give a woman they met that night a ride home because she told them she had lost her keys.

    Investigators their new "friend" directed the driver to the Alice Griffith housing complex in Hunter's Point,  where, police say, an armed man was waiting.

    Police say one of the tourists, Michael Bailey, began arguing with the alleged would-be robber -- then shots rang out. Bailey, a 26-year-old father of two, was shot. He died at San Francisco General Hospital.

    SF Tourists Lured Into Fatal Trap

    [BAY] SF Tourists Lured Into Fatal Trap
    A night out in San Francisco turned violent for a group of friends visiting from Louisiana when they thought they were driving a newfound friend home but instead drove right into a robbery that ended in gunfire and death.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2009)

    Police say they believe the tourists just wanted the woman to get home safely.

    "At this point," San Francisco Police Department Officer Boaz Mariles said,"they were simply providing a ride home to a young lady and they were taken advantage of."

    The San Francisco district attorney on Tuesday decided not to file charges against the woman, the Chronicle reported. She has refused to talk to police.

    A quick Internet search turned up a warrant from the San Jose Police Department for a woman of the same name wanted for burglaries last year at the Westfield Shoppingtown Oakridge. But Officer Jermaine Thomas told NBC Bay Area that there is no warrant out for her arrest.

    The sad turn of events leads many to wonder if San Francisco is a safe tourist destination.