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Traffic Light Stops Muni in Its Tracks

Public bus hits traffic light that falls and strikes two people



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    Matt Baume
    Traveling by MUni is not always the safest route.

    Not to be outdone by impromptu water fountains, a Muni bus brought a traffic light fixture crashing down Monday morning.

    The only thing sadder than Muni's continuing navigation fails was the fate of an elderly man who was standing underneath the falling fixture when it came tumbling down at 4495 Mission St. The man was struck on the head and taken to a local hospital where he is expected to survive his injuries.
    Muni spokesman Judson True said it appears that the trolley pole of a 49 Van Ness-Mission bus traveling on Mission Street at Santa Rosa Avenue  reportedly became stuck in a support wire for the overhead Muni wires.
    The trolley pole caused the support wire to vibrate, which Muni believes dislodged two streetlights, one on either side of the street. The  falling lights hit two pedestrians, True said. The second pedestrian refused medical aid.