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Treasured San Jose Market Closing Last Store

Family-owned business dates back to 1940s



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    Cosentino's Market in San Jose is closing for good in February.

    The South Bay is losing a gem of a grocery store and soon.  Costentino's has been a staple of Bascom Avenue in San Jose for decades but is closing its doors for good next month.

    The Cosentino family set up a small roadside fruit stand back in 1948 and a grocery store was soon born.

    Employees are starting to tell customers the bad news that the landmark store will close Feb. 8.  The employees were told earlier this week.  The close might not mean the loss of a job because a new store has reportedly signed on to occupy the building.

    The San Jose business journal reported David Taxin, partner with the Meacham Oppenheimer Inc. retail brokerage, confirmed the 32,000-square-foot store was sold.

    The Cosentino brothers closed their two other stores in Silver Creek and Santa Clara a few years ago.

    "Everything is favoring the big-box stores today," Dominic Cosentino told the paper.

    This is the second loss for San Jose of a locally owned grocer in the past few months. PW Markets closed all its Bay Area locations in 2010.

    Lori Preuitt's Mom used to go to Cosentino's for the "good stuff."