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Trench Rescue in Brentwood

Man working on a home falls into a trench.



    Man Pulled Out of Trench Alive

    A man is rescued from a trench by firefighters. (Published Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012)

    A man was rescued alive after falling into a trench and being buried by mud in Brentwood Wednesday night.

    It all started with a home improvement project around 5:30 tonight. The 10 foot deep trench collapsed on the man and quickly filling the area with clay-like mud. Dirt buried the man up to his neck. Witnesses tried to pull the man out but were told to stop by 911 operators because of the potential danger. 

    The man was reportedly working on a residential sewer line just outside a home on Dawnview Drive.

    Firefighters showed up moments later to find the man struggling to keep his head above the dirt.

    Trench Rescue

    [BAY] Trench Rescue
    Breaking News a Brentwood man fell several feet into a trench. He is covered neck down in mud. Neighbors tried to pull him out but were told to stop because of the danger. Crews are still scrambling to keep his head above the mud while trying to figure out a way to pull him out of the trench.
    (Published Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2012)

    Rescue crews used a ladder truck to set up a pulley system to get the man out of the mud-filled trench. After three hours of digging they pulled him to safety.  We're told the man was alert and talking the entire time to firefighters.

    He was listed in stable condition at an area hospital Thursday morning.