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Twitter Enjoying the Buzz of Hashtag Super Bowl

The San Francisco startup is pushing advertisers to push hashtags.



    Twitter Enjoying the Buzz of Hashtag Super Bowl
    Volkswagen got a lot of buzz last year for its Darth Vader Super Bowl. That could have been the Twitter hashtag winner had it come out this year.

    With companies spending millions to run advertisements during the Super Bowl, one tech company who isn't even buying a spot is set to become a big winner.

    "We’re anticipating that at least half the Super Bowl commercials will have a hashtag this year," Adam Bain, Twitter’s president of global revenue, tells Fast Company.

    Last year advertisers pushed potential customers to their Facebook pages, this year the San Francisco-based startup believes that several pitchers will try to get their audience engaged in a conversation on Twitter.

    Twitter is helping push the agenda and enjoying the free publicity to boot.

    The micro-blogging site is sponsoring what it calls a competition called Ad Scrimmage, where advertisers can compete to see whose spot gets the most social media love.

    Fans can vote by tweeting and sending their followers to a custom ad gallery on the Super Bowl's website.

    Whoever gets the most Twitter love will get a free promoted Trend on the social-networking site.