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Twitter Files S-1 To Go Public

IPO now imminent



    Twitter Files S-1 To Go Public
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    In the most anticipated filing since Facebook, San Francisco social network star Twitter has made it both official, and public: It's going to have an IPO of its own, and soon.

    The company will pull in about a billion dollars by selling shares to the public. Its stock symbol, according to the recently filed S-1, will be "TWTR."

    What we don't know yet, is how many shares Twitter will offer to the public when it has its IPO, or what the stock price range will be. That information will come later.

    We do know that Twitter's revenue has been growing, although the company is not yet profitable. Which makes it, like a lot of tech companies, a risky investment, but one with a potentially very bright future.

    Many investors will tell you "buy what you know." Lots of people know Twitter, which makes its upcoming IPO likely a very big hit.

    Scott has no Twitter stock, just this account: @scottbudman