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Twitter Defamer Ordered to Apologize Bart Simpson Style



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    Bart Simpson would be proud of a punishment given to a man for defamation on Twitter.

    They say the punishment should always fit the crime, so when a Malaysian man was charged with defaming a friend's employer on Twitter, he agreed to a punishment that would make Bart Simpson proud.

    The self described performer and writer Fahmi Fadzil got upset with his pregnant friend's employer, so they settled out of court on a punishment that should get him a bunch of new Twitter followers. Over the next three days, Fadzil will send 100 tweets proclaiming "I've DEFAMED Blu Inc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on their HR Policies are untrue. I retract those words & hereby apologize."

    Fadzil is pretty prolific with over 20 thousand tweets, and I don't really have the patience to dig back and see what the original insult was, but apparently his initial one time apology tweet was not enough. I sure hope he's using copy and paste to make things a bit easier, although he does have to go in to number each one individually. So far he's been releasing the apologies in dribs and drabs between his other tweets.

    So if you defame someone on Facebook in Malaysia, do they get to poke you 100 times?

    Fahmi Fadzil Twitter feed, via Engadget

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