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Two East Bay Men Die In Boating Accident

The Two Men Leave Behind 17 Children



    Two East Bay Men Die In Boating Accident

    Acemoore Pittman loved fishing.

    "My dad, he was a great man.  he was a father to everybody out here,"  Acemoore Pittman Jr. said.

    Acemoore Pittman Sr.'s life was cut short following a boating accident on Saturday.

    He along with two of his cousins were out fishing on Father's Day weekend in the San Joaquin-Sacramento Delta near Stockton when Pittman's boat capsized.

    "He represented everything from Oakland.  No matter what hood you were from or what turf you claimed, he would walk on your turf and shake the biggest baddest hand.  That's how big he was in the heart," Quinton Reynold said.

    Pittman and his cousins, Johnnie Johnson Jr., a father of eight children, and Joseph Bell, were out in the water in a two man boat when it tipped over.

    It is unclear why the trio ended up in the water.

    "My brother was a natural born swimmer. My brother taught people how to swim. My brother saved people," Avery Pittman said.

    The Pittman family needs the community's help. The More Foundation is holding a fundraiser for the families on Thursday.

    If you would like to help, contact Carol Ferguson Jones at 510-978-5517 or Acemoore Pittman Jr. at 510-467-5066.