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Cal Makes Playboy's "Class-Act" List

School given "Coolest Course" award.



    Cal Makes Playboy's "Class-Act" List
    UC Berkeley wins Playboy's "Coolest Course" award.

    Playboy's "Top 10 Party Schools" issue is hitting newsstands April 15th, and one of the area's finest educational institutions will be stuck in its pages.

    In addition to naming the 10 best schools to get wasted, the issue also names 17 additional schools in its "Class Act" list.

    Making this year's "Class Act" list is UC Berkeley, winning the award for "Coolest Course", which is "The Sociology of Seinfeld." 

    Other "Class Act" awards include “Most Coveted Dorm Room” (Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s old dorm at Harvard), “Best College Sports Bar” (The Swamp Restaurant in Gainesville, FL), and “Hottest Sorority” (San Diego State’s Alpha Phi chapter).