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UC Tuition Hike Likely Without Tax Extension



    UC Tuition Hike Likely Without Tax Extension
    UCSD's Geisel Library

    University of California tuition could soar next year if Gov. Jerry Brown's state budget plan doesn't pan out.

    School administrators told the UC Board of Regents Wednesday the university would likely have to raise tuition 32 percent for the winter 2012 term if the state doesn't extend temporary tax increases as Brown proposes.

    If the price hike goes through, residents of California would pay nearly $15,000 in tuition. 

    Regents were already considering whether to charge more for the more popular campuses including the UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego the Los Angeles Times reported. Opponents say it would change the nature of the university making it an elitist system.

    The governor has already signed legislation reducing support for UC by $500 million to roughly $2.5 billion for the coming fiscal year.

    When Brown issued his revised budget proposal Monday, he warned that UC could lose another $500 million if the state does not extend the taxes. So far he doesn't have enough Republican support for his plan.

    The regents have already voted to raise undergraduate school tuition by eight percent for the coming school year.

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