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UCSF Opens Simulation Center



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    The University of California at San Francisco opened a simulation learning center today, one of the first of its kind in the nation, Bay City News reports.

    The 22,000-square-foot center will feature 12 high-tech classrooms and clinical exam rooms, along with 10 full-body mannequin simulators.

    The mannequins are similar to CPR dummies, but more advanced.

    "They're a much higher level," spokeswoman Kristen Bole said. "A team of ER students can train on triaging patients, listen to their heartbeat, and practice giving injections."

    The center will also feature telemedicine facilities, and will work to foster collaboration and innovation among the various health professions to help improve patient care.

    The center is funded with $15.5 million form the state as well as philanthropic support.