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UFOs Sighted Over SF's Mission District

What were those lights floating over the Mission District early Sunday? They're unidentified, which means...



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    And more proof..

    The aliens are here -- and what do they want? Mustaches, burritos, and every other hipster cliche in the book, evidently.

    It's not a collective delirium: UFOs were absolutely sighted in the Mission District early Sunday morning, according to blog Mission Mission
    A series of lights flying overhead were spied by multiple people, according to the Huffington Post. And since we don't know what they are, they're officially UFOs. But alien spacecrat? That's far from certain. 
    The lights floated in an ordered fashion before organizing into a "triangular formation," according to witnesses interviewed by SFist. 
    The FAA reported no unusual activity in the area, and a planetarium director at the California Academy of Sciences said that the lights are possibly holiday candles affixed to balloons, released for Hannukah or another holiday.
    But until they're identified, they are -- you know it -- UFOs.