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U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Calif. Raisins

High court to hear appeal about California raisins



    U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Calif. Raisins

    The Supreme Court is taking up an appeal from California raisin producers who object to a government program that aims to stabilize prices by regulating the raisin market.

    The justices said Tuesday they will review a federal appeals court ruling that dismissed claims brought by farmers in California's Central Valley.

    The state produces almost all raisins in the United States and about 40 percent of the crop worldwide.

    Read the case here.

    Read the lower court ruling here.

    The farmers complain that a Depression-era law unfairly prevents them from selling their entire crop on the open market when the government determines that there otherwise would be a glut of raisins that would drive prices down.

    The issue at the Supreme Court is what court the farmers must use to mount their challenge.