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USS Hornet Celebrates 70th Anniversary



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    Lt. Billy Bush served on the Hornet in 1944 as he flew SB2C dive bombers (Published Saturday, Nov. 16, 2013)

    The USS Hornet celebrated its 70th anniversary Saturday with a day and night filled with celebrations.

    The air craft carrier and museum is also celebrating its 15th year in the Bay Area as a popular tourist destination located on Pier 3 in Alameda.

    The museum is known as a national leader in naval and aerospace exhibits and programs.

    On Saturday crew members from significant engagements in U.S. history such as World War II, Vietnam, and Apollo 11 and 12 lunar module recoveries following America's manned space missions to the Moon returned to the aircraft carrier to share their stories.

    The veterans held a panel discussion during the day.

    Many of the veterans were invited to return to the carrier Saturday night for a gala fundraiser.

    “We are honored to host such distinguished veterans, and on such an historic occasion as the Hornet’s 70th anniversary of service," Randall Ramian, USS Hornet chief executive officer said.

    A special guest Saturday night will be celebrated Apollo 12 Astronaut Dick Gordon.