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Ukiah Teen Accused of Poisoning His Mother



    Ukiah Teen Accused of Poisoning His Mother
    Drano belongs in the sink, not your mother's morning coffee. Photo: Maggie Cassidy on Flickr

    At least he didn't do it on Mother's Day.

    On Father's Day, a 15-year old teenager was arrested for allegedly poisoning his mother with drain cleaner, according to Mendocino County sheriff's deputies.

    The Ukiah teen, whose name was not released, said he put drain cleaner in his mother's morning coffee because she punished him for bad behavior, according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

    The mother, a 44-year old Ukiah resident, brought her son into the sheriff's office after she was treated at a local hospital for poison ingestion, the newspaper reported.

    She'd been drinking a cup of coffee on Sunday morning when, after leaving it on the kitchen counter for some time, she noticed a "distinct chemical taste" after a sip. She then noticed an open bottle of Drano, and put two and two together, seeking medical attention before dropping her son off with local law enforcement. .

    The teen was apparently in hot water with his mother after stealing from her, using her car without permission, and opening a fake account for an adult Web site.

    Angry for losing his computer privileges and being kept out of school sports, the teen told sheriff's deputies that he'd kill himself or his mother, given the chance again. He is in juvenile hall on $250,000 bail on suspicion of attempted homicide.