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Use Parking App When Parked, Not Driving: SF



    Use Parking App When Parked, Not Driving: SF
    Scott Weber
    New technology should have drivers find open parking spots and a new way to feed the meter.

    Don't drive and app but please use our app.

    That's the message coming from the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency as it unveiled its new iPhone app that can help drivers find parking in the City.

    SFpark delivers real-time information about parking availability and rates at 7,000 of the City's 28,800 metered parking spaces and another 12,250 spaces in San Francisco garages.

    But the City wants to make sure that drivers don't become distracted using the app while driving.

    The app is programed to pop up a warning screen when the phone detects that the car is traveling at more than 10 miles per hour.

    It will still work however so a passenger can use, while putting up with the annoyance of a pop up warning every few seconds.

    But the hope is distracted drivers will see the warning and think twice about looking at the app over the road.