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VTA Cuts Leave Students Without School Bus

High-school students to lose their ride to school



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    Takashi Matsumoto
    Santa Clara VTA cuts costs but leaves high school students stranded.

    America has decided that in a world with a carbon emissions problem and dwindling oil supplies, we need to slash public transit agency budgets.

    And the Valley Transit Authority is not immune to the fare hikes and service cuts that have hit systems across the Bay Area.

    As if being a suburban high school kid without a car weren't bad enough, one group of high school students losing their school bus.

    The 76, which only runs during the school year to get 30 students a day from the Santa Cruz hills to Los Gatos High will no longer run after this school year, if proposed cuts go through. (The Los Gatos Weekly-Times had reported that the cuts would take effect January 11, but a VTA spokeswoman now tells NBC Bay Area that the 76 would not be eliminated until after the end of the 2009-2010 school year in June.)

    But at least students won't be subjected to the 25-cent fare hike!

    The move clearly demonstrates Santa Clara County's commitment to public education and transportation.

    Photo by Takashi Matsumoto.

    Jackson West figures at least the bike ride to school is probably downhill.