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Vallejo Homicide Victim is Father of Beating Suspect: Family



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    There is an unusual twist to a overnight homicide in Vallejo. 

    Matthew Hicks, 42, was shot and killed outside of this home on Fairgrounds Drive just before 1 a.m. 

    Vallejo police aren't saying much about the circumstances. 

    Family members say Hicks is the father of a 17 year old boy who was arrested last Friday in connection with the mob beating of a Vallejo city worker.  The February 1 beating was caught on surveillance tape at a mini mart on Nebraska street.   The family says the teen did not do it. 

    Police say there is no connection between the homicide and the beating, adding it was just an odd twist and another sadness for the family.

    Vallejo has had a very violent past few days.  Over the weekend a man was shot and killed near a liquor store.  And in another incident three people were stabbed.  None of the victims died. 

    Last week, an ice cream truck worker was shot.  This comes as Vallejo police resources are stretched thin.  Budget cuts are deep. 

    The family of Hicks, in their grief, was pleading for police to get more help.  One officer at the scene told them, he agreed and that he would like more help.  This is the second homicide this year in Vallejo.