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Vallejo Man's Finger Dancing Video Goes Viral



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    Screen shot of John Hunt (aka "Pnut") performing his finger dance.

    The unusual talent of a 20-year-old Vallejo man is making him a viral video star.

    Meet John Hunt, whose professional name is Pnut. He is an expert at “tutting” -- a kind of finger dance that mimics ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    The video has over 840,000 views on YouTube. (Watch the complete video below)
    Hunt’s friend, Danny F., who shot the video, says that Pnut was born with especially flexible fingers and that his style of tutting is an offshoot of turf dancing which originated in Oakland.
    The setting for the video is Bronco Billy’s Pizza Palace in Niles, Fremont.
    In addition to going viral, the video has gone international and has been seen on news websites in Russia, China and Brazil.