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Vandals Leave Oakland's Meters Headless



    Vandals Leave Oakland's Meters Headless
    Scott Weber

    Feeding your parking meter will be tough for some drivers in Oakland, who are pulling up to headless meters

    "Cool Hand Luke" did some serious time for just that same thing.

    Vandals trying to make a buck have struck about 400 parking meters, according to the Oakland Tribune. The most recent rash of headless meters turned up on Grand Avenue.

    City leaders say the enterprising vandals saw the meter heads thinking they can break them open and get coins, but they are built so sturdy that often they can't get in.

    The city is in the process of replacing the old coin-fed meters for multi-space meters that take credit cards.  As a result, there are lots of old meters in storage to replace the headless ones.

    In addition, Oakland city leaders are now installing $15 sleeves over each new parking meter pole.  They can spin around and make it nearly impossible for a saw to cut off a meter head.