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Vandals Rampage at Historic Site



    Vandals Rampage at Historic Site

    Apparently, some people just really can't stand parks.

    An unknown vandal -- or, more likely, a group thereof -- went nuts at the John Muir National Historic Site earlier this month. They took out their aggression on kiosks, bridge railings, picnic tables, and signs, causing about $4,000 worth of damage.

    It's a particularly frustrating act because many of the damaged fixtures were brand new. The bridge, for example, was constructed last year by volunteers from the Youth Conservation Corps.

    Nobody can figure out why anyone would behave this way. Property damage on this scale is unheard of in sleepy Martinez, according to the CC Times.

    Damage notwithstanding, the park is still open for the estimated 5,000 visitors each year. Rangers will do their best to secure the damaged equipment and communicate with guests in lieu of the wrecked informational kiosks. Park officials expect to recruit volunteers to patch over the destruction.

    But if the criminals return for another round, it will be difficult for the park to recover. Though the area is patrolled, funding for security is very limited.