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Vandals Strike Richmond Elementary School

Richmond School Cleans Up After Vandals Cause Damage A Building



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    The clean up continues at Richmond's Nystrom Elementary School, after vandals severely damage a new auditorium over the weekend.

    The suspects flooded the floor of the building. Thirty windows were smashed to pieces and paint was smeared all over. A community kitchen, intended to teach students culinary skills, was also damaged.  School officials say the laundry list of damages totals $500,000, and could rise to $1 million.

    The vandals may have been a bit too sloppy to cover up their tracks. Investigators say whoever did this must have been adults, and may have been disgruntled employees or someone with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the school. Certain valves, equipment and alarm wiring were tampered with during the destruction, which officials say could not be reached by children.

    The $5 million building was set to open in a few weeks, and there's no word on how long the repair work will take. Anyone with information on the vandalism is asked to contact the Richmond Police Department.