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It's a Vending Machine for Library Books

Snuggle up with a good book on your next BART ride



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    No need to walk through the aisles of a library anymore, you can get a book at a BART kiosk.

    BART riders can grab a library book on their way to catch a train on the peninsula starting this week.

    The Millbrae Station is the latest to set up a "library-a-go-go" kiosk machine that allows anyone with a library card in the peninsula library system to choose one of some 400 books to check out on site.

    BART will unveil the machine Wednesday.  After that riders can use it like a snack machine, but instead of a $1 pack of Doritos, you will get a hard back book drop in the slot for free.

    BART has had a similar program in the East Bay since 2008, but Millbrae is the first West Bay location.  See how it works at this link.