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Veteran of SJPD Kills Wife, Self: Police

Motive for murder-suicide remained a mystery Monday.



    Veteran of SJPD Kills Wife, Self: Police
    This photo was from Lynn Shimek's MySpace account.

    It's a double tragedy for the San Jose police department. A veteran officer of the force took his own life over the holiday weekend and according to the Gilroy police, he took his wife's life as well.

    Gilroy police are handling the murder-suicide case that touches the community of Gilroy and the San Jose Police Department.

    The couple was found dead inside their Gilroy home Sunday night. Police said family members called police when they could not get a hold of them.

    Inside, officers found the bodies of Christopher and Lynn Shimek. They said Christopher Shimek, first killed his wife and then killed himself with a gun.  Police did not disclose how Lynn Shimek, 43, was killed.

    Christopher Shimek was a San Jose Police sergeant and had worked in the department since 1995.  The Gilroy police chief called the San Jose police chief late Sunday night to give him the news. Department spokesman Jason Dwyer said Sgt. Shimek showed no red flags or signs that he was having any kind of trouble. Dwyer said many officers knew or worked for Shimek and were shocked to hear what he had done. He said staff was being offered counseling.

    The Mercury News spoke to a woman named Tammy Drews who said she was Lynn Shimek's best friend. Drews told the paper that she was the one who called 911.

    She said she was "hanging out" with Lynn Shimek Sunday until about 8:15 p.m. She said she was alerted that something was wrong when she later got a text that read, "Get Lynn out of there."
    Drews told the paper she returned to the home out of concern for her friend about 9:15 p.m. She told the Merc she called police when they didn't answer the door.

    The couple had two children, who were not home at the time, according to police.  They are both boys, ages 13 and 19 year old.

    Gilroy police said they were called to the Rodeo Drive home in March, 2007 on a call that claimed Christopher Shimek hit a step-son “in a rage.” Gilroy police said "Lynn Shimek requested that an officer speak with her and a child. Lynn Shimek did not want any further police action and this contact was documented on a field interview card and the computer aided dispatch system."

    Lynn Shimek was a member of a women's roller derby team. That team has already organized a fundraiser for Shimek's family. The fundraiser, named South County Derby Girls Stand Against Domestic Violence, will be held at Dutchman's Pizza on Chestnut Street in Gilroy on Dec. 11.