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Viacom Takes on YouTube in NYC Court

Viacom to NY court: Scrap YouTube copyright ruling.



    Viacom Takes on YouTube in NYC Court

    Viacom claims in a New York federal court appeal that YouTube allows and even welcomes "rampant copyright infringement.''       

    A lower court previously concluded that Google Inc.'s popular video service is protected from copyright infringement claims. On Tuesday, Viacom Inc. urged a Manhattan appeals panel to reject that

    The New York-based Viacom owns popular cable channels such as MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon. Google is based in Mountain View.   

     Viacom lawyer Paul Smith says YouTube gets a free ride on the backs of other's copyrights.

     Google attorney Andrew Shapiro counters that YouTube follows the law.       

    He says that when YouTube is told of a copyright infringement, it always takes down the video.       

    It could take months for the appeals panel to rule.