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Violent Texts Scare Vallejo Kids From School

Messages threaten high school kids with shooting



    Violent Texts Scare Vallejo Kids From School
    Someone sent out threatening texts to kids at a Vallejo high school.

    Violent text messages kept some Vallejo students home from school Friday.

    Someone sent out multiple versions of the threatening text to students. One version said there would be a shooting involving Hogan High School kids, said Tish Bussele, a district spokesperson.

    A Hogan student named Leilani told KTVU that the person who sent the texts might be trying to get into a gang.

    "He has to kill five people at Hogan, but I'm really not sure if it’s true,” Leilani said.

    When the principle's office learned about the text messages, an automated phone machine called parents to let them know the school was taking the threat seriously.

    “A lot of people stayed home today because of the text because a lot of parents told them to stay home because they're really scared,” Leilani said.

    Even with the threat, some students still showed up to school.

    “I thought the odds of me or my sister getting shot out of a school of 800 was pretty unlikely, so we decided to come to school anyway,” said Inderdeep Gil.

    Security is increased Friday and there haven't been any incidents at the school.