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Volunteers Keep Historic Park Open, Thriving



    Facing the threat of their favorite park being closed, a dedicated team of volunteers offered to take over the operation of Jack London State Historic Park from the state. They've been running the park for the past year, with great results. (Published Tuesday, June 11, 2013)

    In 2011 the California State Parks Department released a list of 70 parks it said had to be closed due to budget deficits.

    Jack London State Historic Park in Glen Ellen was on that list.

    To the people who made up the Valley of the Moon Natural History Association that was unacceptable. Ever since the association was formed in the late 1970's the group had supported the park and helped to make improvements to it.

    Now it was going to do even more.

    The VMNHA took over operations of the park in 2012. The changes to the park have been dramatic.

    To see what they have done watch Garvin Thomas' report above.