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Warriors Stephen Curry Trash Talks POTUS About Golf on Ellen



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    Ellen and Co-Host First Lady Michelle Obama interviews Golden State Warrior, Stephen Curry. (Sept. 13, 2016)

    Watch Stephen Curry and Michelle Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show at 4 p.m. PST on NBC.

    A preview of Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show shows Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry trash-talking President Barack Obama about his golf game, only to be overshadowed by First Lady Michelle Obama who dissed her hubby even more over his large ears.

    "I'm a better golfer," Curry told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on her show Tuesday. He said Obama beat him the last two times, but that's because of Curry's handicap of a two. He said he didn't want to dish out more dirt on the president, or the Secret Service would be breathing down his back.

    That's when Michelle Obama, dressed in a Gucci map dress, chimed in, giving Curry some golfing advice. "As you're putting, say..'The shadow from your ears is really missing up my putt,' " she said joking. "Try that one!"

    "That is low," DeGeneres said.

    "That's why trash talking is," Michelle Obama said.

    Curry and the First Lady will be on the DeGeneres show Tuesday evening to discuss the “Drink Up” initiative with Brita to encourage families to drink more water and give them an affordable option for better tasting water.