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Watch Out for Rattlers



    Watch Out for Rattlers
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    Do not approach a snake that comes with a rattle.

    A rattlesnake sighting in Hillsborough has prompted police to warn  residents to be cautious and avoid provoking the venomous creatures.

    May marks the start of rattlesnake season, and it is not unusual  for the snakes to be in the area, Hillsborough police said.

    Anyone who encounters a rattlesnake should not disturb or corner  it, police said. People are advised to move away from the snake, and it will typically slither off.

    Because snakes are nocturnal, residents should be particularly aware around dusk when rattlesnakes rest on rocks and asphalt pathways that  are still warm from the sun, police said.

    Baby snakes are more dangerous than adults because they don't have  control over how much venom they inject when biting.

    Rattlesnakes, which have movable front fangs and an audible rattle, are important for keeping the rodent population under control, police  said. They generally feed on small rodents, rabbits and birds.

    Rattlesnake season ends in October when snakes start to hibernate  for the winter.