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Water Pistol Weapon of Choice in SF Robbery

Three suspects used a water gun to rob two victims in the City



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    When will the violence end? Not with a bang but a dribble.

    A pair of unsuspecting folks in San Francisco's Excelsior District were robbed at water pistol-point, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Police responded to the corner of Naples Street and Persia Avenue at 11 p.m. Wednesday to reports of a robbery, the newspaper reported.

    There, the soggy, sordid details were spilled.

    A 20-year old woman and a 19-year old man were accosted by three robbers with a gun near a bus stop, according to police.

    The robbers demanded the woman's cellphone, and then demanded "property" from the man.

    Miami Police Department

    When the man tried to hand the items over, a robber pulled the trigger and "squirted" the victim, the newspaper reported.

    The 19-year old victim tried to wrestle the water pistol away and recover the woman's cellphone, but he was struck on the head, and then the suspects fled, the newspaper reported.