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Waterproof Gadgets with Liquipel

No need for bulky boxes anymore.



    Waterproof Gadgets with Liquipel
    Raymond Wong / DVICE
    Liquipel coating waterproofs your gadgets

    Go ahead and throw that iPhone, Android, tablet, camera or whatever into the water. It'll still work, if it's treated with Liquipel's special nano coating. Yeah, waterproofing that doesn't require chunky cases of any kind.

    A thousand times thinner than a human hair, Liquipel doesn't just waterproof the outside of your gadget, but protects all of its innards as well. Exposed headphone jacks and charging docks all become waterproof, too.

    It's a great alternative to buying gadgets specifically made to be waterproof, as those tend to usually be bulkier and — dare I say — uglier.


    For a permanent lifetime waterproofing of your favorite gadget, the cost is $60. Simply send your gadget into Liquipel and you'll have it back the next day. The entire process takes 30 minutes or so to coat thoroughly, but you know, there's shipping time.

    Want to waterproof an entire army of gadgets? Say 600 at a time? You can buy the same machine Liquipel uses starting from $200,000.

    To prove how well it works, the company showed off how even tissue paper can become water repellent if treated with Liquipel. You can watch a video of the tissue not absorbing water in the video down below.

    Via Liquipel

    Posted on location at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

    Via DVICE