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Wave of Break-ins Plague Beach and Surf-goers

Surfers and beach-goers are plagued by a spike in crime.



    Wave of Break-ins Plague Beach and Surf-goers

    Crime wave's up, dude.

    A steady stream of break-ins and thefts are crashing upon visitors to San Francisco and San Mateo beaches, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Thieves lie in wait, observing surfers and tourists as they secure vehicles and head to the water, according to the newspaper. As soon as the auto owners are out of sight in surf or on sand, the miscreants will case cars to find valuable opportunities, the newspaper said.

    Laptops, purses or wallets left in open sight on car seats or other surfaces are prime prey, but the burglars will also watch where surfers stash keys, according to police.

    Three beach-goers were burglarized in a two-hour period on the Peninsula last month, the newspaper reported.

    Police urge surfers, swimmers, and mere sand-sitters to be aware of their surroundings, stash their beloved belongings out of sight and mind of potential pilferers, and to bring their keys with them as they ride the waves -- in their wetsuits, around their necks, or using other methods, the newspaper said.

    If not -- the consequences can be window-shattering.