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Weed Wars: Chemical Offensive Against Invasive Plant

State waterway and boating officials are treating the Delta for an invasive weed.



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    Egeria densa -- a non-native invasive weed from Brazil -- is being eradicated via chemical pellets in the Delta.

    The state Department of Boating and Waterways is on the warpath -- invasive Delta weeds, you're on notice.

    The state agency has begun applying a chemical to waterways around Discovery Bay and Bethel Island in eastern Contra Costa County in an effort to eradicate -- or at least reduce -- the presence of Egeria densa, an invasive aquatic weed, the Contra Costa Times reported.
    The treatment costs $5.3 million and will last until Oct. 15. The "nontoxic" chemical fluridone is being spread via pellets, the newspaper reported. The same treatment cost $6 million last summer.
    Local residents and officials alike pleaded with the state to kill the weed, which annoys swimmers as well as boaters trying to enjoy the Delta's pleasures.
    The newspaper listed the following areas as on the schedule for treatment: "Taylor Slough, Piper Slough, Dutch Slough and Sand Mound Slough in the Bethel Island area; Steamboat Slough; Wright's Tract; Honker Cut; Coney Island; Orwood Island; Byron Tract; the west side of Discovery Bay; and portions of the east side of the town."