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Welcome to Your New Home



    Welcome to Your New Home
    Dr Raza Aly

    It makes sense that we, the station representing the peacock network, would write up the following story.

    It involves two peacocks who have come home to roost in Marin.

    Dr Raza Aly sent in a few photos of the birds who he says have settled in on the roof of his Mill Valley home ever since the Memorial Day weekend.

    Aly said one simply walked on to his property Saturday, so he let him in the gate.  Then two days later a second one appeared.  Since then the parade has stopped.

    Both of males.

    Aly says it's an unusual site for his neighborhood.

    Peacocks are rarely found in the wild here in the Bay Area. 

    Thibault Camus/AFP/Getty Images

    They are on occasion kept as pets, so it's possible the two new Mill Valley birds might be on the loose from their permanent homes.

    Aly says neighbors tell him they have noticed more peacocks in nearby trees in Mill Valley leading him to think a flock may be migrating there.

    For now, Aly says he's happy to keep them.  He says although they have on occasion squawked him awake in the middle of the night, the joy they are bringing to his grandchildren is worth the occasional loss of sleep.