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Whale Carcass Invades Ocean Beach



    Whale Carcass Invades Ocean Beach
    Joe Rosato Jr.

    In what feels like a growing trend along the Bay Area coast, a whale carcass appeared at San Francisco's Ocean Beach Monday morning.

    Video from the scene shows a large whale being tossed about in the surf around 10 a.m. It appeared to have been dead for a while because it showed lots of signs of decay. The whale is about 40-feet long.

    Monday was a typical foggy day on the coast so news helicopters could not fly to get a better look at the creature.

    This is the second dead whale in the Bay Area in the past week. A container ship came to port last Thursday carrying a carcass on its bow.  The captain said he did not know he had hit the creature until someone on the dock told him that there was a whale attached to his boat.

    This has been a very busy whale season off the California coast. Boaters have been asked to take extra care as they navigate the waters near the Farallon Islands.